Tip of the Week #6 – Five Year Driver’s License

Not only is it more convenient, but you also save money by buying a 5 year driver’s license!

Saskatchewan driver’s licenses may be paid for in full for $100.00 for 5 years, or the you may choose to pay $25.00 per year over the course of 5 years, which means you pay a total of $125.00. The physical card will always display a 5-year expiry date from the day of renewal, which actually indicates the date in which the picture and card itself expires, although the you may have chosen to pay $25.00 per year. Sometimes the expiry date can get confused with when the next payment is due, however that is not true and SGI will send out an “annual payment due” notice to remind you that your $25.00 payment is due.

At Farrell Agencies it is our top priority to provide exceptional customer service. These tips are just one more way we can help.

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